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We are heading back to San Francisco! The high temperature in SF for Friday is 72 degrees with a low of 54 degrees – enjoy it while it lasts!

[PLEASE NOTE: Schedule is adjusted from last nights post!]

8:15 am Arrive at Napa Methodist Church. Don’t forget to bring your concert attire! No suit jackets for suit wearers, but please bring all other attire accessories.

8:30 am Bus departs to San Francisco

10:00 am Warm-ups and sectionals

10:45 am Rehearsal #5 at Calvary Presbyterian Church, San Francisco (including sectionals)

12:30 pm Lunch

2:00 pm Rehearsal #6 (Clinic with Dr. A)

4:15 pm Enjoy the Pacific Heights neighborhood! Make sure to eat dinner before the concert!

6:00 pm Optional hair-braiding party! Gather at Calvary Presbyterian Church

7:00 pm CONCERT #1! Woohoo!

9:00 pm Bus departs San Francisco

10:00 pm Estimated arrival at Napa Methodist Church

Preview of Saturday, July 7: We’ll be back in Napa for rehearsals and Concert #2, which will include an audience full of Dr. Head’s former students and hopefully many of the homestay hosts!

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