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Good morning!

Today is a RED Day.

No alcohol at lunch OR dinner, please. If you’re lucky, your host will offer you a glass of wine when you get home at the end of day

Thank you for your kindness with Mr. Earl yesterday. His health has deteriorated quite a lot since we last saw him. It was not lost on me that we may not see him again. How very special that he was able to share a moment with all of you. I know it was very special for Dan.

I was really pleased with yesterday’s rehearsals. A huge leap forward from the day before! This morning’s rehearsal will focus on those things most needing attention (see below) before tonight’s concert – largely dealing with memorization. (No folders/iPads on stage tonight!) Then the afternoon will be full set runs with note’s from Dr. Archibeque.

I’m a bit concerned about getting you to lunch and back. There are a couple sweet cafe’s in the immediate neighborhood, but not enough to feed the whole choir. There is a little market (Mayflower Market), however, about a block away with a deli. Your best bet may be to grab provisions then go to the nearby park (Alta Plaza Park) for a picnic. Here’s what that might look like.

Now finally, the rehearsal plan:

(Have scores handy for morning rehearsal for reference. Peek as you need to with the intention of being totally off book in the afternoon.)

9:53 am – Stretching w/Esther (I hope the traffic isn’t bad into the city! 😬)

10:00 am – Warm-ups

10:10 am – Sectionals (You restrooms on the way to main rehearsal. There’s no break.)

10:45 am – My God is a Rock: Tweaking for balance. Any chance we can do this off book for an encore tonight?

11:00 am – Kreek: You’ve ALMOST found that tonal palate! My sense is you’re not totally committed to singing on the core in fear of a memory slip. Mainly running to check memory and text! Check out this YouTube clip of the Estonian Chamber Choir to understand to tone placement.

11:10 am – Bruckner: OMG. Everybody “knows” this piece, but do you have it memorized? Especially the second half?

11:22 am – Brahms – Second half (p. 13 to the end): Same deal. What comes next? (This piece is a really great fit for this choir!)

11:30 am – Vasks – p.9 to the end: (p. 10 is ALMOST working with the six points of light!)

11:40 am – Schütz: Running to catch memory slips and tentative entrances. ]

11:52 am – Rütti: Opening solo sequence and balance between choirs from m.45 to the end.

12:05 pm – We Shall Walk: Tuning on the bookends, and the choral recit sequence at the end.

12:15 pm – Tuttarana: We need to transition for a sense of raw fear to a spirit of unbridled euphoria. Damn those meter changes!

12:25 pm – Mealor: SO CLOSE. We’ll run it with music in your hands, then by memory in the afternoon

12:30 pm: LUNCH


2:20 pm: COMMENTS


2:50 pm: COMMENTS


3:15 pm: COMMENTS


3:40 pm: COMMENTS and triage

4:15 pm: DONE!

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