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Final Pre-tour update: ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?!?!

Hi all! Apologies in advance for this late-night phone buzz. Trying to get the final logistics sorted so that this semester’s tour can run extra-super smoothly!

Firstly: Thank you to those of you who have volunteered your camera and associated artistic skill to help us capture all our amazing moments to come in high-def! That’s gonna be great.

Secondly: If you haven’t already, please take a second to view the Tour Itinerary Document, so you have an idea of what the rest of our week is going to look like!

Thirdly: PLEASE TAKE A GANDER AT THIS TOUR PACKING CHECKLIST!! Make sure that you have absolutely everything that you need before you leave your house/morning class to get on the bus tomorrow!

SPEAKING OF GETTING ON THE BUS: tomorrow, your official call time to be AT THE BUS is 3:30PM. The bus will presumably pick us all up right outside of Amy E. I will… send a message confirming this as tomorrow unfolds.

For your bus-listening-pleasure: please take a prolonged glance at Shaun Gibbons’ carefully crafted spotify playlist of all our tour tunes. Get that Claviante into your brains!

We will have our first tour meal, your Claymont Steakhouse orders which you have all indicated to us via the infamous exit ticket form, ONCE WE ARRIVE AT OUR FIRST STOP, ST. ALBERT CHURCH. Please fill your tummy accordingly; there will, of course, be Bus Snacks(TM) to hold you over.

Ok! That’s all I can think of! I’m gonna pass out now! See yah tomorrow! .25 <3

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