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Hello Chorale folks — a friendly reminder that the CHORALE UNIFORM FORM is due by THIS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1ST! Everyone has to fill this form out, even if you were in Chorale last year! So far I only have 11 responses, so please get this filled out ASAP!

Additionally, your orders/payments for attire are ALSO due by THIS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1ST! The link to pay is HERE, and please follow the following instructions to complete your payment:

Once you click on the link, click on Additional Payment Amount, and then, if you are a NEW MEMBER of Chorale, manually input the total for the items you are buying FROM UD, NOT your Amazon orders. The UD orders would apply to ordering any of the following: Chorale Gowns, Ties, Black button down shirt (if using ours), and Feminine cut blazer (if using ours). Listed below are the prices for each of those items:

  • Chorale Gown: $95
  • Ties: $14
  • Black Button Down Shirt: $16
  • Feminine Cut Blazer: $58

So, for example, if I was buying a tie and a black button down shirt from UD, I would type $30 in the additional payment amount, and make that payment!

If you are an INCUMBENT MEMBER of Chorale, you would follow the same steps, but just type in $50 in the Additional Payment Amount to pay your flat fee for your UD-provided attire last year and this year.

It is no secret that this fall is particularly complex for attire, as we are transitioning into a new payment design while still accounting for our incumbent members that are “grandfather-ed” into a flat fee system, as well as new-ish attire compared to our options last year. (AND, this also makes counting the books particularly complicated for us!) All that to say, that is why it is incredibly important that you fill out that form ASAP describing your specific situation to us and what parts of the attire you need before you make your orders. If you want to review the options before filling out the form and making your payment, here is the CHORALE ATTIRE DOCUMENT!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Otherwise, I’ll see you all at rehearsal later!

– Bri Keller

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