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DCS STAFF: Who does what?

This project wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated staff.

They’ve been working behind the scenes for several months now, but we thought it might be useful if you knew who is doing what, in case you need assistance before or during the trip.

RACHEL CLARK: Project Manager

Rachel is a Chorale alum from 2012 and currently teaches middle school in New Jersey. She was Chorale president back in the day and also served as manager for the Choral Symposium in France.

Her main job is to oversee daily operations, send out daily updates with schedules and such, and handle contingencies as they arise during the trip. She’s also looking after me (PDH) on the day-to-day, while coordinating operations with the rest of the staff so I can concentrate on other things… like making music.

WHATSAPP: +12019190759

SARAH WOJCIK: Senior Director of Public Relations and Choir Activities

Sarah just completed her master’s degree in choral conducting at UD and will be starting a new job at Bel Air High School in the Fall as Director of Choral Activities. In addition to designing all the PR and program materials, she’ll be in charge of distributing those materials to performance venues while enlisting all of you to help let people know about our concerts.

More importantly, Sarah is the main point person for getting people checked into hotels and boarded on busses. She’ll mainly be tracking the alumni and friends contingency and will be available to address personnel concerns and logistics during the course of the trip.

WHATSAPP: +13028972509

Bri Keller: Assistant Director of Public Relations and Choir Activities

Bri just graduated from UD with a degree in Music Education and will return in the fall to pursue a master’s in Vocal Performance. She previously served as Chorale manager and is deeply devoted to DCS and the UD CHORALE.

Working closely with Sarah, Bri will be the go-to person for current undergraduates for issues related to accommodations, medical situations, or other personnel matters as they arise. She’ll also be working closely with Sarah in handling hotel check-ins and boarding operations for ground transfers.

WHATSAPP: +13024155956

Jay Besch: Manager of Venues, Transfers, and Logistics

Jay just graduated from UD with a master’s in Choral Conducting and has recently assumed the post of Operations Manager and Associate Conductor for Delaware Academy of Vocal Arts.

On this project, Jay will be the point person for communicating with rehearsal and performance venues, dealing with related logistics for same, and establishing contact with each of the nine different bus companies we’re using for this trip. A thankless job – so think of him every time a bus shows up on time!

WHATSAPP: +13018216800

Shaun Gibbons: Assistant to the Assistant Directors!

Shaun is a rising senior Music Education Major at UD. He’s a stellar tenor, a fine conductor, and an all around great guy who’s hell-bent on making things better for everyone in his midst.

In addition to handling the boarding process for those on the group flight from EWR, (the rest of the staff will already be in the UK) Shaun will be on call to help with myriad other things that arise on the day-to-day.

WHATSAPP: +16316177877

Amy Anderson: Business Manager

Amy is also a UD alum with a degree in Music Education, and is a MVP of the UD CHORALE that traveled to China. (She is also a distant cousin to Betsy Kent!)

Amy joined the UD staff this spring to handle all things financial and business related for UD Choral Activities and DCS. While she won’t be traveling with us on this trip, she has been involved in every play-by-play related to hotels, bus companies, and innumerable other details of keeping this operation afloat.


It’s probably worth noting that the intricacies of moving a group this size through such a rigorous itinerary has a lot of moving parts. Please think ahead to bring your own over the counter meds and personal supplies as the staff will not be able to tend to those kinds of issues. (Assume you’re traveling independently and be prepared to manage things as you would as a solo traveler.) The main objective of this project is choral performance of the very highest caliber. While the staff is there to help, please be thoughtful in managing things on your own whenever you can so we can be most attentive to the artistic tasks at hand.