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Concert Recordings, Q&A Sesh, & Meds

Hello all,

A few loose items to tie up this morning…

  1. Recordings from our concert are HERE! I will post these to the practice resources pages as well.
  2. We will have two Q&A sessions over Zoom for any choir members that may have New Zealand/Napa related questions. Zoom meeting ID is “pdhead.” These sessions are optional. Times are as follows:
  • Sunday, June 23, 7:00 pm EST
  • Sunday, June 30, 7:00 pm EST

3. The amazing Lori is not only a phenomenal pianist, but she can also understand New Zealand’s confusing terms of entry! Thank you, Lori, for catching this instruction on medications. If you take prescription medications, please read their website regarding how to enter with your meds. You will need a copy of your prescription or a letter from your doctor stating that you are being treated with the medicine. Your meds MUST be in their original containers, and you cannot have over 3 months’ supply.

Happy practicing! See you on Zoom or in San Francisco πŸ™‚


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