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Hi all! After a crazy busy weekend for Dr. Head and myself, it’s time to jump right back in to our work together! A few things for today:

We are introducing three new pieces today. Physical sheet music people can expect to procure these from their folders at rehearsal time, while the iPad babies of the ensemble can download them from the Chorale S24 Repertoire Folder.

The pieces are as follows:
~ Anthony O’Daily – Samuel Barber
~ Tryptich (From Heaven Distilled a Clemency) – Tarik O’Regan
~ Chronologic – Eric William Barnum

Please download these before rehearsal today!

Additionally: If you switched to being an iPad baby this semester, but you still have not returned your copies of Credo and Transcendence to me, PLEASE do so; you may return any other music from the UD library that you may also have, if that applies to you. I’m looking at you, Noah Farnsworth. <3

Furthermore, on the front of our upcoming trip to CBDNA:
I know that I initially sent out a form for you all to fill out to notify us regarding which professors should be contacted as to excuse your absence on Friday, 2/23, but since then, Dr. Reynolds has sent out an institutional letter of her own for you to send to your professors on your own accord. Since this is now the case, our form is no longer necessary; just please sent that institutional letter to the professors whose classes you will be missing on that Friday afternoon, and if you encounter a problem, you can then elevate it to Dr. Head and I’s level to rectify. You can find the institutional letter attached below for your convenience.

Please send this out as soon as possible, so that we’ll be all good for our trip, which, by the way, is in just two weeks! Holy crap guys, it’s in one week away. I really thought it was two. Time is crazy LOL

I have been made aware of a few conflicts that some of you have with the evening dress rehearsal on the 22nd; Dr. Head and I will reach out to you about those soon. All will be well!

Just in case you didn’t see/read Dr. Reynolds’ email, here is a synopsis:

Our one and only combined rehearsal in preparation for this prestigious performance will take place Thursday, February 22, 4:35 p.m. – 6:35 Puglisi Orchestra Hall.

It is critical that every member is in attendance! There is no other opportunity for us to rehearse together. Please plan accordingly!

Every traveling member must complete this medical/dietary restriction form immediately! Please do this NOW if you have not already done so. (CHORALE: SOME OF YOU MIGHT HAVE DONE THIS ALREADY, AS THIS WAS SENT OUT DAY 1 OF CLASSES. GOOGLE WILL PROBABLY TELL YOU WHEN YOU CLICK THE LINK.)

Here is the ITINERARY for our two day adventure! All of your meals will be covered, but you may want to bring some snacks along.”
Packing reminders:

  • concert attire (including shoes)
  • UDWE polo (UDWE members only)
  • clothing, toiletries
  • professional attire for attending other concerts

Program order:

  1. Brouwer, Sizzle
  2. Charoensri, Rising Light
  3. Dorn, Transcendence



LASTLY: Leon and Lori have very kindly collaborated on part tracks for movement IV of Credo! Please don’t let their hard work go to waste; start listening! You can find them here. These part tracks can also be found in the Chorale Repertoire Google Drive Folder, in a new sub-folder titled “Credo”.

Thanks a bunch y’all. See you in an hour!

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