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Chorale Update, 2/25/24; Weird week ahead!

Ahem… this thing on??

Seeing as we’ve been having trouble getting the website to send updates, I truly hope this one sends as normal; our fearless website manager Sarah believes that everything is fixed, and as such, this is our first test of that. Please take a second to comment down below, so that I know people have seen this!

For this coming week of 2/26, as Dr. Head mentioned last Wednesday, we have a modified rehearsal schedule, as Dr. Head will be in South Africa working with our buddy, Sableo Mbethu, a great choir director with whom we’ve build a relationship over the past 2 years. Cool beans!

An outline of our modified rehearsal schedule for this week is as follows:
Monday, 2/26: NO REHEARSAL
Wednesday, 2/28: Shortened rehearsal for TENORS AND BASES ONLY, beginning at our normal meeting time, 4:40PM. This will allow the lower voices to isolate some tricky sections of Credo, as to get us in tip-top shape for Leon’s recital!

Speaking of Leon’s Recital, here is a reminder of that commitment:
– Friday, 3/15: 6PM Dress Rehearsal
– Saturday, 3/16: 5:45PM Call time for a 7PM performance

With that being said, we only have FOUR tutti rehearsals remaining between now, and the big day! As such, it is VITAL that you use some of the time you are gaining from our relaxed week to practice the Credo, ironing out any individual struggles you might be experiencing with any of the movements, so that we can come back as a full choir on 3/4 and really start putting together and refining all of the pieces of that lovely musical puzzle. I know Leon will greatly appreciate your efforts in advance! As a reminder, practice tracks for the infamously non-diatonic mvt. 4 of Credo exist here, provided to you from Lori Geckle herself. Don’t let her time and effort go to waste!

Thank you all for your continued efforts, and even moreso, thank you all for all of the time and energy which you put into making our performance at CBDNA this past weekend as special as it was. That trip was a lot of moving parts, and I truly appreciate everyone’s patience, flexibility, and positive demeanors! Not to mention, commitment and talent. We truly pulled off an awesome second performance of Transcendence, and had an all-around incredibly successful trip! My thoughts are with those who were sick and could not make it to this excursion with us–I hope that you are feeling better, and I am very glad that you were able to take the time you all needed to rest and recooperate!

Alrighty y’all, that’s all from me for now. I hope you all have a restful Sunday, and that you take advantage of our increased free time this week to take care of yourselves, and engage in some relaxed individual practice. Let me know if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns at !

See you all back on 3/4/24!

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