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Chorale Tour Update: Home Stays

Hello all! Happy Friday! I hope the Boygenius EP has treated you all very well. (Sorry, I know the bit has died. I’ll stop now. If you were wondering, yes I loved it.)

Thank you all for filling out the master tour form! I’ve reached out to those of you who still have not by email, and hope to see your responses soon. I have one more loose end to tie up regarding this form: some of you who have indicated wanting to host a homestay, or to be participant in a homestay, have overlapping homestay plans. I.e., one person says an individual will be staying at their house, but that individual ALSO indicated that they would be hosting others at THEIR house.

If you feel as if this situation applies to you, or if you are unsure if the person you expect to host you is fully aware of this fact/committed to having you at their house, please first contact the people you feel you need to contact and clarify your collective plans. After you have done so, please fill out This Form so that I may know exactly what you all plan to do. This specific information will help me to finalize the tour rooming list, as it will help me to know who will be at what location at what time.

If you have any questions about this, or are not sure if this request applies to you, please reach out to me at

Thanks y’all! Have a great weekend.

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