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Chorale… I’ve been hoarding pictures from you. I’m sorry… MUSIC RETURN… and, more info on the 5/13 Chorale Picnic!

Hi all! I am sorry to reveal that I have been keeping pictures from you… things have been such a whirlwind, I have just cumulatively forgot to provide you with any pictures from various events from throughout the year! Below are links to several folders which contain photos from various different engagements, from Chorale Tour, to Carols by Candlelight, to 80s day… Sorry!!!

Pictures from Chorale Tour/Choraleoween:
(some of these may have been what you have sent to me… sorry)

Pictures from our culminating Chorale Tour Concert:

80s Day:

Give me back your sheet music, pretty please!

You know the drill y’all… there are 11 of you who currently use physical sheet music, and our folder has 13 pieces in it, not including if you still have your copies of Credo and/or Transcendence.

I currently only have music from:
Gage Walker
Jeremiah Epting
Noah Farnsworth
Sarah Scatena
Will Schwantes

The other 6 or so of you, please find me in the hallways or email me ( with a time you would be able to drop your sheet music off to me! I need to get all of the music organized and stowed away by the last day of classes, so having as much music as quickly as possible would be incredibly helpful! ¡Muchas gracias!

More on our upcoming picnic get-together!

As a reminder, this is occurring out on the Amy E. Green, during our typical Chorale meeting time (4:40PM – 6:40PM), on Monday, 5/13 (two weeks from now). We just wanted to have this get-together to be able to celebrate the year together, to bond in a purely social context, and to possibly have a final group farewell to our seniors!

We were originally going to make a sign up sheet to have people denote what kind of food item/paper product they were going to bring, but there are so many of us, and this is more of a casual thing, so we figured we would say this: bring your own food and snacks to enjoy during this picnic experience, and if you would like to be extra generous and bring a greater snack to be shared among the masses, please feel free! I will provide paper products that we have amassed from Chorale tours.

In the meantime, please comment on this post to let us know if you intend on stopping by to hang out and celebrate this year of lovely music making!

Thanks a bunch y’all… glad you all are alive. <3

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