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Chorale Call Time for Friday Night and Dress Code

Howdy y’all!

The Dorn piece really came together last night! It was really exciting to hear the full context of the wind ensemble with the choral parts and for some of those tricky rhythmic sections to start to click.

I got some key information from Jay to share with you all: call for tomorrow night is 5:00PM on stage in Mitchell Hall. Please make every effort to be there a few minutes beforehand so we can start right on time! Additionally, dress code is formal concert black. Your Chorale attire should work, but no blue paisley ties! If you have a black tie, that would be most ideal, but if not, just a black button down shirt and blazer will do the trick.

Let me, PDH, Ben, or Shaun know if you have any questions! Otherwise, see you all tomorrow!

-Bri Keller

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