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Good morning, Chorale

Thanks for a very successful fall tour. I have been particularly moved by work with the Harris and the Lavoy – and the sensitivity and commitment you’ve brought to each of those works.

Tonight’s concert IS being professionally recorded, so it would be nice if those rough spots in Sanctus and Claviante were a bit more secure. Please spend a few minutes looking at those as we are not likely to have another opportunity to record them, especially in an acoustic like tonight’s.


We have to rehearse both Dove pieces with the organist, so that could take a bit of time. Please enter quietly as Singers will be on stage when you arrive. Again, the concert is at ST. HELENA CHURCH. Make sure you allow time for Saturday evening traffic.

Also… the concert is supposed to be live-streamed through YouTube, but I don’t have the details for that. Perhaps Ben can sleuth that out and post it in the comments.


I know what you’re thinking, and that is also true. 🫠 But the demolition process has begun on our house and I need another pair of hands to move stuff onto a moving truck and transport it a few miles to our storage unit – PREFERABLY tomorrow morning or early afternoon. If you’re available and want to earn a quick $100 please text me (302-433-2678) with your availability for tomorrow. I’m supposed to be someplace else at 3:00 pm tomorrow, so we’d need to be done by 2:00 pm. The stuff we need to move is stuff like patio tables, BBQs and all that kind of stuff.

Thanks again!

Ben and Shaun really took charge of this tour in a way that I don’t recall previous managers doing so in the past. That made my job way easier and a better experience for all of you. And thanks to everyone who jumped up to help whenever we needed it. That GREATLY contributed to the sense of community and collective commitment that has made this choir so very special.

One last pitch to check those pitchy spots, so tonight is REALLY special. 😍 And please take a moment today to invite your closest 100 friends and relatives. This church is huge and this will lively be our best concert of the year.

Thanks for being there to light my way. :)


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