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Calling all Photographers! Message me, Ben, or Shaun ASAP!

Hey y’all!

We are almost 24 hours out to our tour departure tomorrow! Yippee!!

Since the lovely Sarah Wojcik and Emily Jones have both graduated last year, we no longer have a photographer nor a camera in the UD Chorale to take our iconic tour photos!

If you own a camera that you can bring to tour, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME (302-415-5956), or Ben or Shaun ASAP TODAY!!!!!! If we don’t hear from someone by 9pm tonight, I’m going to go on a wild goose chase for a disposable camera late tonight after Schola, though the quality won’t be good and that wouldn’t be ideal to rely upon! If you have a camera, please reach out by the end of the day!


Bri Keller

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