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Hello Schola Members,

THANK YOU to those of you who have already completed the Attire Selection form (Step 2 of the Attire Page). If you have not filled this out, please do so by the end of TODAY! I am still missing forms from 2/3rds of the choir!!! We need enough time to order any items that need to be ordered before our October 22 concert. Even if you do not need me to order anything, please fill this out so we know what you are planning to wear.

Here’s the link again! Attire form is on Step 2!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend that is hopefully filled with sunshine at some point!


3 thoughts on “Attire Form – PLEASE COMPLETE!”

  1. Amy, I THINK I submitted this earlier, but am doing it again, just in case.
    In general, I THINK that I’ve completed/paid everything you need. But my life is a bit messy right now–if I’m missing anything, do let me know!
    Thanks so much for taking this on, ma’am. I know Paul is deeply grateful–and so am I.

  2. I am making a contribution equivalent to the program fee, plus the music charge, plus a little extra because that’s the kind of guy I am.

    I have purchased the tie, but I will say that the slowness of people to do so might be a reflection of the reluctance to buy another tie that I will probably never wear anywhere else, and then you’ll change it up again next year.

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