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ACTIONS REQUIRED: Forms to fill out please!

Hi Chorale! Happy Saturday! Two forms for you to fill out. Firstly and more relevantly, please fill out the TOUR FOOD FORM, and the CLAYMONT/LIDO DELI FORM so that we may cater the meals we are providing to you according to your preferences, and also so that we may provide the perfect Little Snacks(TM) for you during our long bus rides!

Looking forward, we will need to carpool to St. Helena’s Roman Catholic Church for our concert on
Saturday, 10/28/2023. Please fill out this CARPOOL FORM to either:

  1. Volunteer yourself as a driver
  2. Assign yourself to a car if you need a ride (if you do so, please communicate with the person you’ve assigned yourself to so that they know who to expect)

That’s all, folks! In the meantime, if you have any urgent tour questions, please feel free to reach out to me! (

Much love! <3 .25

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