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ACTION REQUIRED: More updates you need to know about and require your immediate response!

Good morning, everyone!

The DCS staff is meeting today to iron out the final details for the UK tour. In the meantime, there are several updates including a few that REQUIRE YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!!

  • Most urgently, we need to know if you have dietary restrictions (or other medical concerns) we should know about. Even if you have NO restrictions or concerns. PLEASE CLICK THROUGH and complete the form so we know everyone is accounted for.
  • REPERTOIRE: While I’m particularly concerned about memorization of the competition repertoire (Petrassi IN ENGLISH by the way!) I think the most difficult piece in our folder is the Christopher Churcher commission piece. (Evening Star) While it’s one of those creepy midi-voice recordings, the composer has sent a midi recording of the piece that will help you get the structure in your ears. Please listen to it every night before you go to bed – maybe even put the score under your pillow!
  • You will be covered by GeoBlue medical and travel insurance for the duration of the time you’re with the choir. This, however, requires that EVERY PERSON ON THE TRIP registers with the Global Studies office ASAP. Amy is working on those links today and will send them out along with instructions for what to do. Please watch for that and complete the process as soon as you are able.
  • If you are staying in the youth hostel in Streatley you need to bring toiletries and a towel. Bed linens will be provided and you’ll have full access to a communal kitchen where you can prepare your own meals should you wish. BUT THEY WILL NOT HAVE BATH TOWELS! Perhaps you can bring an old towel you’re ready to get rid of and leave it behind when we go, as you’ll be staying in regular hotels or AirBNBs for the rest of the trip.
    • We have been confirmed for a tour of Coventry Cathedral on our way from Streatley to Llangollen, along with a brief opportunity to sing in the new (1962) sanctuary. (And I’m hoping amidst the ruins of the old church as well.) You might want read up on the place before we leave. It’s not only sobering to see the remains of the original church that was heavily bombed in WWII, but it’s also famous as the inspiration for Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem, which was commissioned for the dedication of the new cathedral. That’s arguably the most important choral work written in the 20th century!
    • And finally, we’ve confirmed an excursion on the Romney, Hythe, and Dymchurch Steam Railway to celebrate our impending success at the Wales competition. πŸ™‚ It’s a real steam train and railway coaches – all 1/3 the size of full scale! (We’ve booked the entire train!) The train will take us from Hythe through several coastal villages to the End of the Line Tavern where we’ll feast on fish and chips while tasting the local ales. This is our annual banquet of sorts – meaning, we’re picking up the tab for that entire excursion. You’re welcome!
What if Thomas the Tank Engine was real???!!!

I think that’s it for today. PLEASE COMPLETE THE DIETARY FORM and WATCH FOR THE IGS/GEOBLUE REGISTRATION INFO. We’ll be updating the itinerary over the next couple of days as well, so you can keep your eyes peeled for that, too.

This is getting real!!


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