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International Touring Choir

An experience for the daring and adventurous singer, the International Touring Choir is comprised of singers from all of the aforementioned ensembles, as well as friends and members from all across the US. Singers are able to audition for a variety of different experiences, ranging from competitions to festivals to everything in between!


DELAWARE CHORAL SCHOLARS INTERNATIONAL TOURING CHOIR: A project to promote choral artistry in the context of global immersion.

The Delaware Choral Scholars project was launched in 2014 as a small conducting symposium held in the South of France. Over the next six years, the program attracted hundreds of singers from all over the country seeking opportunities to sing in a high-caliber choir while experiencing the beauty and grandeur of one of the world’s most beautiful places. With the post-pandemic return of global travel, the 2022 symposium brought the choir back to the world stage in Croatia, with future endeavors on the drawing board for Asia, the UK, and Eastern Europe. While the group consists mainly of students and alumni associated with the University of Delaware, most projects are open to any accomplished singer who possesses an unbridled passion for choral singing along with an insatiable curiosity for experiencing other peoples and cultures firsthand.

The Ideology

What makes this group work?

Current Students

Current students at the University of Delaware form a large portion of the group


The alumni of the University of Delaware Chorale sing with the current students, bringing a different perspective

The Choral Community

Participants from friends of the University of Delaware Chorale and the members of the audience bring life and joy to the ensemble


ORIGINS: The Delaware Choral Academy

2014 – 2019: Aix-en-Provence, France

The Delaware Choral Scholars were formerly known as the Delaware Choral Academy. Singers and conductors from around the world came to the South of France to perform large and small works, experience music in stunning and ancient places, and immerse themselves in culture.

The project in France ran from 2014 to 2019 through the Delaware Choral Academy. DCA came back in 2022 as the Delaware Choral Scholars, with the mission of bringing singers to places all around the world.